Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our French Inspired Kitchen: Selecting a Range

Right now we are in the kitchen design phase of our new home.  Ever important to the feel of a kitchen are the seemingly endless appliance options.  Gas, electric, or both?  Stainless steel or cabinetry panels?  Glass or no glass?  And perhaps the most important of all; How much do you want to spend?  These are some of the questions that get thrown around when trying to make a few decisions on your kitchen.
I am sure that there are other posts out there in blog land that talk about selecting the perfect range.  We want to share our short list of range options to get your feedback, especially if you have first hand experience with one of the brands or models shown.
For the range we are obviously looking for a French inspired design. More importantly, however, is that we get a quality range for the money.
48" Dual Fuel ILVE Majestic
This is an amazing range from Ilve.  It sports three cook top options, which can include a 5-7 burners, a cook top griddle, or a Coup de Feu.  It also comes in seven great colors.
Source and visit Ilve Appliances.
 La Cornue
La Cornue has nearly endless configuration options for their ranges.
 Visit La Cornue

43" La Cornue CornuFe
This unit is the current leader in our search for a quality French inspired range. It has a standard configuration of:
(3) 12,000 BTU Burners
(1) 17,000 BTU Burner
(1) Simmer Burner from 600 - 6,000 BTU
(2) Side-by-Side Electric Convection Ovens
Source  Williams-Sonoma

43" La Cornue CornuFe - Continued
The CornueFe comes in a variety of colors.  Here our favorite, Provence Blue, is shown.
Source Williams-Sonoma


Much like La Cornue, Lacanche offers a number of configuration options.  Visit their website below to see some of the models available.  The "Sully" (shown) is in the running also.

Source and visit Lacanche here.

Another beautiful Lacanche Sully in black.
Source and visit Lacanche here.

Just for fun, here are some of the refrigeration options we are considering.  We also plan to utilize refrigeration drawers in the island across from the range.

36" Sub Zero Built-In Refrigerator with Glass Door
This is the current leader for our refrigerator selection.  Love seeing everything through the glass.  Maybe this will make us keep the refrigerator clean at all times!
Source Sub-Zero
48" Sub Zero Built-In Refrigerator with Glass Door
This is simply an amazing refrigerator.  There is nothing else to say.  I would be happy to have this unit sit in our kitchen.  Unfortunately I am forced to answer one of the questions mentioned above; How much do you want to spend?
Sub Zero

So these are some appliances we are considering.  Please let us know what you think, if you have used them before, or if you can suggest other options.

We have also visited the Bentwood Kitchen showroom in Chicago and will be sharing our experience and some samples in a future post.

Have a great day!

-Tonya and Rob


  1. Oh, I'm so envious! I love kitchen renovations. In our next house, I'd love to have a La Cornue....probably in blue or stainless or gray. (But that probably won't happen as we can't afford one.) While I love the look of refrigerators with glass doors, it would not be practical for us. Our fridge is kinda messy....not pretty and organized. Enjoy kitchen shopping :)

  2. Oh lucky lucky you! This was one of my favorite dilemmas!

  3. Hi Tonya, I can't comment on any of the ranges as we have a Wolf, but we do have the 36" glass door Sub-zero fridge and we absolutely love it. I would do it again in the next house, but probably add two refrigerator drawers for condiments and items that are not used daily. We had a 48" sub-zero in the last house - if you have the room for it, I say go for it.
    All best,

  4. Beautiful appliances are like the jewelry in the kitchen. What a fun stage...love the glass door Sub-Zero!!

  5. Love all of them! W & S and Sub Zero have great reviews. I've never owned any of these so I can't say.. mine is a Viking and I really like it. Good luck and whatever you choose I'm sure will be perfect!


  6. Oh would love to have that zub zero! Really! On my dream list now!
    Love Caroline

  7. Faith - Interiors UniqueNovember 7, 2012 at 1:17 PM

    If you do not have a budget, go for it! Questions you might think about, reliability and service. I love all of them, but if they do not have a good track record, you could have your hands full. Good luck! I think the kitchen is one of the most fun rooms to plan!!!

  8. How fun! I love your options...I have researched everything too! I love what we chose...
    We are in the middle of a renovations as well. I have to tell you that I am over the moon with our 6 burner- griddle- duel fuel WOLF double oven range. {I have had a Viking before and the WOLf is superior}. Also I have to share I love the GLASS door SUBZERO.. I have that too, yes the glass door wine fridge glass to match... They have been my dream too. Sub zero and Wolf have the awesome repair/customer service. They have their own. They only service those tow brands. Just my reconmdenation!!!! We have a MIELE dishwasher that is fabulous... just in case your shopping for those too!
    Stay away from any BOSCHE... The company is a nightmare for service/repair. We have a set of their washer and dryers and I wouldn't give them away...

    Have a fun time in your kitchen and I know it will be pretty!!! Look forward to hearing what you choose!

  9. hello
    first time here and adore your potential selections. just returning from france and was in many kitchens, every single one had a la cornue and they all raved endlessly and one of the ladies was a noted cookbook author.
    as an aside, just in case you have not chosen a sink, one of the homes had a 18thc. farmhouse sink, made of solid pewter!

  10. love this kitchens and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  11. Have you decided? It is difficult for me to chose - I don't think I can! Excited to learn your choice!


  12. TDF - i could never afford any - but man i wish i could!

  13. La cornue is the most stylish((: most French!
    Hugs z

  14. Love them all....We have a Bertazzoni oven and love it....
    love that sub zero fridge.

  15. Th is is one of my dream to have kitchen like this.


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