Tuesday, May 29, 2012

French Inspired House Design: Exterior Shutters

Happy Tuesday morning!  I hope that everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend of visiting with friends and family.  Here in Indiana, we had the greatest racing event of the year; the Indianapolis 500.

As mentioned in earlier posts, our future home is in its final planning stages.  Once we begin building we will focus mainly on the architectural design, the construction process, and the materials.  We plan to have daily construction updates along with regular interviews from the craftsmen building the home.

Until then…..we will continue to share photos from our inspiration file. Today is SHUTTERS. 

Shutters make such an impact on the exterior of a home.  I am not talking about shutters that are screwed into the house and serve no purpose.  I am talking about shutters that open and close, latch, and sway.  I am talking about real shutters that protect the windows and let in a cool summer breeze while keeping the suns rays away.  I am talking about shutters with hardware that compliments the windows and exterior of the home.  Shutters, in a way, are our homes jewelry.

This shutter makes a great statement with its bright red on an otherwise dull gray building.

I just love these windows!  The overlapping gives such character.

Terrific shutters for a heavy window.  The shutters too are bulky and were left natural.

I am told that the blue / lavender color is more commonly used in France as it is thought to keep bugs away from the windows during the summer months.

Very traditional shutters.  The darker color looks great against the wall.

This shows you that your home does not need to be French country to host some shutters.

Again, love the bright blue color on this shutter.  They also brought the color down onto the rail.  Others bring the color onto the window trim .

Well I hope you have enjoyed todays photographs on shutters. Our plan is to have shutters that are hand hewed and while not written in stone, will most likely be the blue / lavender color seen above.  We will show photos and videos of the process when we get to that point.

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Have a great day!


  1. That coral is my favorite color right now..for clothes and lipstick...kind of brave on a house, but I love it here. I am still drawn to the blue..I just love it against the stone

  2. Beautiful! We're currently switching out our shutters to be all black. They really do add so much to the exterior! Can't wait to see yours!

  3. Beautiful pictures and so inspiring. Would love to be in Provence enjoying a nice meal outside :>

  4. How not to fall for the light blue/grey provencal shutters ? Good luck with your house planning and happy building !

  5. How not to fall for the light blue/grey shutters ? Good luck with your house planning and happy building ! :-)

  6. Shutters are such an important element to the outside of a home...adore the third image!! Can't wait to follow on your building process ~

  7. Beautiful shutters! The ones in the third pic are a dream. I didn't know the lavender colour keeps bugs away, I will have to try this!

    Looking forward to seeing your home transformation, lots of before and after pics!

  8. Exterior shutters can be either decorative or functional. They can be made of vinyl, wood, and faux wood. They can be chosen to match your homes exterior, to complement it, or to stand in contrast to it. Thanks a lot.

  9. Yes beautiful shutters indeed

  10. I love it when a building or a home is painted with a light color and has shutters with very noticeable colors and it just stands out beautifully, just like the first one! Anyone will surely appreciate that even if you’re not into window designs.

    Terry Arnold

  11. I love that last one! I'm planning to put up casement windows in our home and I hope you don't mind if I imitate that design! I'll talk to professionals about it real soon and I'm really hopeful that they can get even the simplest detail. :)

    Allyson Sunde

  12. I also prefer functional custom home shutters compared to the ones that are only for design purposes. You can use shutters to add privacy and protection to your house. It provides enough lighting but prevents too much heat from coming inside the house.

  13. Hi
    Shutters are such an important element to the outside of a home...adore the third image!! Can't wait to follow on your building process ~


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