Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ralph Lauren Lamps at HomeGoods

Happy Tuesday to everyone!

A few weeks ago we picked up two Ralph Lauren lamps while making a quick stop at HomeGoods.  Can you really have a quick stop at HomeGoods though?  It seems that there is every intention of running in and grabbing one thing, but the shopping cart always seems to fill up before we get to the checkout line!  And as everyone knows even after you get to the checkout line you're still not done shopping at HomeGoods!
Our new Ralph Lauren lamp looks so good on the small side table we have in our current dining room.  The mirror was passed down from Rob's Great Grandmother. The small tea set was created by a local artist.
  The lamp makes a great night light towards the front of the house where the dining room is located.  We love how the lamp resembles a tall candlestick.
Because a huge portion of our house is already packed, the second lamp is in storage.  You will see them both being used in the future.
What are some of your best HomeGoods finds?
Have a Great Day!
Tonya and Rob


  1. It is dangerous walking in HomeGoods. I always check out the lamp section. I noticed they carry a lot of RL items now. Love your lamp.

  2. love that color of green on the walls!

  3. We finally have a HomeGoods nearby and I'm anxious to get in there. The lamp is perfect!

  4. Homegoods has some awesome finds. There is a new one opening near me soon. So excited. xo

  5. Hi Tonya!

    RL lamps at Homegoods???
    Lucky YOU! I cannot say I have ever found RL lamps anywhere
    discounted. That is an awesome find!

    I have had sooo many great finds at TJM, Marshalls and HGs. If I had to pick just one find that was my best??
    I would say it was an Italian leather bag. There is one store here that gets the BEST handbags and when they come in and you happen to be there when they put them out, you have to grab them and hide them in your cart!! Very aggressive shoppers.
    !!! :)


  6. i saw them too! love em!


  7. I just love HG! Really like your lamps.

  8. Great find - I always leave with something!!

  9. u have NO idea the love/hate relationship i have with HomeGoods - LOVE all my finds HATE the damage it does to my bank account - my beau know's a trip there is a MIN of 2 hours and big $$$ - it's either ALL or NOTHING for me in that place - it's my go-to gift card from people to me :o)

  10. Greetings Tonya and Rob ~
    Am I the only person who has not been to HomeGoods? Yikes, how embarrassing :( I gotta go check out this place. Love your RL lamp.....it does look like a candlestick. Look forward to seeing where you put the other one.

  11. Hello Tonya,

    I love Home Goods! Beautiful lamp! I cannot wait to see the other.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, I wanted to leave this link with you. There are excellent step by step image for the dough and how it should look.


    Have a great week, Elizabeth

  12. Our HomeGoods has them as well and I have been debating if I want them. I got here by Googling Ralph Lauren candlestick lamp. :-) I absolutely love them - they have two sets, one in gold and the other polished nickel which is yours. It looks so charming in your space.


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