Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bathroom Sinks: Which is your Favorite?

We have started to experience some chilly mornings here in Indiana.   Just another sign that fall is quickly approaching and that we will soon be celebrating, and decorating for, the holidays.
Today we want to share some inspirational photographs for bathroom sinks.  We are trying to narrow down some selections before we visit the showroom next month.  As a side note, we will also be visiting the Bentwood Kitchens showroom in Chicago next month to review cabinet designs.  It should be fun and we of course will share all of it with you.
Now on to some sinks! 

I expect this blue and white inspired sink to be a hit with many. 
Our master bathroom will have two separate vanity / sink areas slightly larger than this space.  The tile being carried up from the floor to become part of the back splash adds a great look.  We still are not sure about a bowl sink, as we plan to utilize wall mounted faucets to make cleaning counter tops easier.  A bowl sink may conflict with this objective.  Who has a bowl sink?  Are they difficult to clean around?

Now this sink may be better utilized in a garden room, but we have also seen large sinks like this in bathrooms.  It is a very impressive rectangular sink. 

Again a different version of a bowl sink, this time in white porcelain instead of the marble bowl sink shown above.  This designer has also used wall mounted faucets.  I think this would have looked better with a tile back splash instead of the same granite. 

This is a very traditional sink design.  We are considering this for use in our powder room more than the master bathroom.  The wainscoting behind the sink adds to that traditional feel. 

This white pedestal sink is nearly identical to the one above, but slightly smaller.  We tend to gravitate towards the larger of the two.
This open design vanity / sink is very European in feel.  Again the wall mounted sinks and recessed bowls make cleanup a snap in this bathroom.  The stainless steel sinks actually look very nice with the polished chrome faucets and plumping. 

Another variation of a traditional white sink with marble counter top. 

Here is something a little different for all of the contemporary sink folks out there.  The large glass sink bowls are the perfect size. 

This shows another open vanity / sink design.  These wall mounted faucets also have wall mounted soap dishes.  How great is this sink to clean!? A quick pick up of the tray and wipe it down.  Nothing to get in the way on the counter top.
Again another beautiful bowl sink with wall mounted faucets.
 Okay I realize this isn't a bathroom sink but who wouldn't want this in their bathroom?  The color, size, and appearance of this french blue bathroom cabinet is amazing.  Such a beautiful piece for storing away towels and other bathroom goodies for when you have a vanity / sink with no cabinets or drawers.
Those are our inspirational photographs for today. 
If you missed our last post on Wine Cellar Designs you can see it HERE.
Next Thursday we will be starting our "Thirsty Thursday" drink series.  This series will be designed to give you ideas for your college game day tailgates.
Again, thanks to all of you who continue to comment and sign up to follow our blog.  The feed burner feed is on fire!!  We love hearing from you and will always try to respond to every question and comment.
Thanks again and have a great day!
Tonya and Rob


  1. I love traditional bathrooms (#5 or #10) and pedestal sinks but really recommend a vanity unless you have other storage in the bathroom. I had the same sink in photo #6 in my last house, but I also had a small armoire in the bathroom. I like a vessel sink (love the marble version in #2) in a powder room, but not in the master bath because I don't think they are as practical for the multitude of daily rituals.
    All best,

  2. I think I like 5 best. Lots of great options, though.

  3. I almost think I should say "ditto" to what Phyllis said! I agree 100%! I know I love your taste and you will choose wisely! It's hard when there are so many fabulous choices out there and so many styles that we all love!

  4. Can I have them all--?!?
    I guess I'll be living in a hotel!

  5. all of these are nice, though once again the expected....i say this; follow your heart and be creative.....nothing show more style then good creativity.....Sel.

  6. I really love number 11 because of the wall mounted faucets. Imagine not having to worry about hard water stains around the faucets? Plus I've seen this design before and had a great reaction like O M gosh isn't this gorgeous !

  7. I am a new follower....Love all the choices of sinks! Follow your instinct and just pick the one you feel suits the style of your room! I know you have great style! They are all lovely choices...Love your new blog, would love you to enter my "Paris Monday's giveaway or just stop in and say hi sometime! xo's Pam

  8. This will be interesting to see what you decide...I like so many!

  9. I've got beach house on the brain so it has to be #2 for the mirror!!

  10. i love #5--it's the one i wanted for our powder room, but we were too limited by space. so many intriguing options though!

    best to you, and hope you'll visit soon.


  11. I'd go with the traditional sink #5 or #6 .. the blue and white is very pretty!

  12. My choice would be choice #5. The blue cabinet is lovely, I agree, it's perfect for storage.

  13. I like 2 and 5!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today...I am following you too. I'm off to check out the rest of your stuff : )

  14. 1 and 2 for me. I love bowls. Very easy to clean. The counter gets less dirty too. I have placed a lot of them in my house designs. I would go for storage if i was you. oh and big farm sinks are super! Also for house value and resale. People like the modern of the bowl. I would not go for the glass ones. Too cheap looking.
    Thanks for saying hi. You really have to try it. We all loved it. XO
    In one of the house i designed.

  15. Love them but 1 and 5 get my vote.....very classic and beautiful!

  16. They all look great! If I were to choose though, I’d put my money on the 8th choice. D’you wanna know what I feel while looking at it? Relaxed! The light colors used for the overall design of that bathroom made it brighter and charming. =)

  17. I love all the choices but i still prefer the traditional one..

    bathroom basin


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