Tuesday, June 5, 2012

French Style Landscaping: Plantings at our current home.

Good Morning everyone! It's going to be a beautiful Tuesday here in Indiana with what should be perfect weather! We really appreciate all the comments and emails regarding our blog. We are excited that so many people are eager to follow along as we build our French inspired home in the coming months.

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Today’s topic continues with landscaping.  Our first post on French style landscaping was so popular that we have decided to dedicate one day each week to the subject.

It was so gorgeous last night that we took our camera along for our evening walk with the dogs.  These images were shot around our current home, soon to be up for sale for all you would be buyers wishing to live in Indiana.

You should know that I love fountains.  This one welcomes visitors as they approach our front door.

The birds love to sit on top and catch a drink during the hot summer months.

These planters provide for a pop of color as you approach our front door.  The concrete planter was made by Massarelli in New Jersey.  They make terrific outdoor planters and fountains.

Approaching the covered patio at the back of the house.  The maple had a rough time this year with a late freeze that destroyed all of the buds.  Its a little thin this year.

My favorite fountain, also made by Massarelli, features a welcoming pineapple.  This fountain is a bird paradise during the day.

I just love Knock Out Roses.  They require very little care and look great all summer long.  These will be a staple in the new homes landscape design.

 Again, love our fountain!

The red umbrella is actually on our neighbors patio.  The landscaping is located on a burm between our two properties.  Its funny how pictures can trick the eye because their home is not as close as this picture makes it appear.

And now introducing the star of the show, Bentley, our King Charles Spaniel.  Our Lhasa, seen behind, was on his own mission of investigating the lawn.

We hope you enjoyed some of the photos captured on our walk.  Again, please help us make this blog a success by signing up to follow the design, construction, and decorating of our home.

Have a great day and keep smiling.

-Rob and Tonya


  1. I, too, love the knock out roses! Are those the Stella de Oro(?) day lillies? I have some and just love them. Hope you are able to sell your home quickly!

  2. I love a fountain too...the soft sound of water flowing is heavenly!

  3. These are beautiful pictures! So glad you shared them! And I love your precious Cavaliers, too! Have a wonderful week!

  4. Glad to have found your blog, such beautiful pictures and I look forward to seeing the progress on your home. I Will visit often. Really like the knockout roses. I wished they had a scent though, well not the ones that I was going to purchase anyway.
    Love the beautiful fountain.

  5. Will enjoy the progress of your gardening. So many people miss out on such rewarding fun! My friends all think I'm crazy! Hope you will visit m blog sometime and maybe pick up some design inspiration. Best wishes!

  6. Hi Rob and Tonya, I'd love to have a fountain in my garden, yours is beautiful! And I also love the grey urn... but what I think I love the most is Bentley, he's gorgeous! You should post a picture of Lhasa too!

    A happy day to both of you.

  7. I love you blog and you latest follower.
    Happy Friday.

  8. This will be exciting to follow along...love your garden!


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