Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Jack Arnold Home Floor Plan: Old World Romantic Gascony Design

Hello everyone!  Hope you're having a fantastic day.

Due to a number of emails and comments; we want to share a little more about the home we will be building and sharing with you in future posts.

Up until about two years ago we had never heard of Jack Arnold. It was only because of a fellow blogger that we encountered photographs showing some of his homes.  When researching his work we found not only an experienced architect, but one that matched our architectural design style.

Here is a sneak preview of our Gascony floor plan designed by Jack Arnold.  While we would love to show you ever page, and there are a lot of them, this is all we can show from the actual prints.  Don't worry because we will share the entire home being built from start to finish here on our blog.

After we made the decision to build a Jack Arnold Home, the first step was ordering the Jack Arnold Homes of Elegance portfolio's.  They have four different style portfolios available for purchase. We purchased three :
  1. Old World Romantics
  2. French Country Classics
  3. Cottages

Each portfolio comes with a booklet discussing its architectural style.  It also shows photographs of homes built from their plans.  Each portfolio contains several sample floor plans with estimated room sizes.  All of the plans in each portfolio are amazing.  It was a little like the three bears though; some of the plans were just way to big and some of the plans (especially in the cottages) were way to small for our needs.

The portfolios really helped in identifying our style of home.  After discussing our ideas and concerns with Mr. Arnold's team, they emailed us several more floor plan concepts not included in the original portfolios.  What they sent hit the nail on the head.

After several conversations and a cross country trip to tour a home that Jack designed, we ordered our plans.  Two weeks later this box showed up on our doorstep!! We couldn't be happier with our customized Gascony floor plan.

Included were two full sets of prints, a mini set of prints that my husband carries at all time, and a vellum for reproduction. 

We have identified design changes to suit our needs, while our builder has also made his list of necessary changes to comply with Indiana building codes.  Once our list in finalized we will send it back to Jack's team for modifications.

There are many details to share in future posts, but again we wanted to give you a preview.  We hope that everyone will enjoy following our project.

If you want more information on Jack Arnold or his portfolio collection(s), you can visit his website HERE.

Please send us an EMAIL if you have questions on our experience with Jack Arnolds team.

Wishing everyone a great day!

- Tonya and Rob


  1. Thank you for sharing your building process! I love the plans so far. What a dream come true for you guys. I have settled for a dream property and will someday remodel our house to be closer to my dream house. Looking forward to seeing and reading more as you get started to build.

  2. Dear Tonya and Rob,
    First of all thank you so much for following my blog! I am so glad I discovered your beautiful blog!! The house you are building will be just gorgeous!
    I really am looking forward to see the progress! I am sure you have chosen the right company for building a French styled home!
    So glad I met you!

  3. What a true dream! We hope to build our dream home one day!

  4. I know that you are so excited. Can't wait to go along for the ride.
    Happy Tuesday.

  5. It's exciting to get plans in your hands - can't wait to follow on this journey!

  6. You will love your Jack Arnold home. We've been in ours six years now, and it is perfect for our day-to-day living and when entertaining. We worked with them via email and telephone. Many can't believe we never met anyone from Homes of Elegance or toured one of the homes.

    I couldn't get anyone from Bentwood Kitchens to return my calls, but it turned out just as I wanted with a bespoke kitchen from England built to my design.

    I'll be following your build. Congrats!


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  8. Just wanted to say thank you for writing about your experience with Homes of Elegance! I work for Jack Arnold and he really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks again!

    Elise Bross
    Jack Arnold Companies


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