Thursday, May 3, 2012

Choosing A French Home Design: Jack Arnold Kitchen

A few years ago my wife and I decided that we would begin to plan the house of our dreams. 

Has anyone ever had difficulty designing or identifying the home they want to build?  I think for about a year and a half we found plans that were good, but nothing that ever made us say “THAT is THE one”.

One day, we were searching for kitchen designs on Google images (a great resource).  I have always wanted our stove to look like it was part of an old fireplace.  I find the design reminiscent of cooking fireplaces that were once the staple of every kitchen.
After a great deal of searching, we found “THE” kitchen that made us stop in our tracks.  It was a design created by Jack Arnold, the renowned architect known for his European influenced designs.  Right in front of us was exactly what we were looking for in a kitchen.  The cabinets themselves also appear to be designed by Jack Arnold for Bentwood Kitchens.  Check out both sites for more information.  What do you think of the inspiration kitchen??

I love how this kitchen captures the feeling of an actual fireplace!

Love the copper pots hanging above the stove!

The simple white jars on the mantle look so classy.

 Being early in the process, we had never heard of Jack Arnold.  The one thing we did want to know was if his kitchens look this good, what did the whole house look like???  A few minutes on his website and we knew we found the team that would design our home. So this is where it all begins, an inspiration kitchen photo from Jack Arnold. Now, which one to choose and build???  Please join our blog and follow along to see the entire process from design to construction to decor.


  1. I have come here and subscribed to your blog. I absolutely adore French design homes. This will be fun watching this process of yours.

    One of your big problems is that you have your word verification turned on and people just won't comment, and I usually don't either, because it's such a pain. Please consider turning it off.

  2. Jack Arnold homes are incredible. I live also in tulsa where he is from. His personal home plus the ones that he designed are my most favorite style ever. You could look for homes for sale in Tulsa and they list them as "Jack Arnold" designed and see the MLS listings.
    I just ran across your blog today - I know it will be fun to see how your home evolves.

  3. I LOVE Jack Arnold designed homes! He really knows how to get the proportions and details right. He sells portfolios of all of his floor plans and we have them all! We live in California where his work is not well known. Odd, since he has been featured in Veranda Magazine numerous times and Veranda's largest number of readers are in California.

    Anyway, hope to find myself in Tulsa one of these days so I can see some of his homes "in the flesh". I think Charles Faudree (an interior designer) also lives in or around Tulsa and owns a shop there. What a fun pilgrimage!

  4. It's a dream this kitchen... The way it all is put together in the sense of not being all together but like in the old French days ... Eclectic and not so uniform as most modern French style American kitchens look... This one is at different heights and mixed colours And textures... Just amazing and of course a very oversized castle kitchen like fireplace mantle tops it all((:
    Can't wait to see your home... Cheerio z

  5. Well, the design looks great... except these silly pipes (legs?) around the table in the middle. I can imagine damaged toes again and again or wearing steal toe boots for cooking :D


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